so i gues i’m a blogger

it has recently come to my attention that i have a blog.  who knew, right?!  in a previous life, or out of body experience, i had created this site for me to say things.

having just found this information i am compelled to write something.  something i feel is important, something i feel strongly about.  so, jumping right in…

books and music are my topic of the day.


Neil Gaiman

my favorite authour Neil Gaiman is what got me here so i’ll talk about him first.  Neil got started writing small short stories in brittish porn magazines but quickly became very famous for writing the “sandman” series of graphic novels.  they are brillient in their observations, art and humor.  go read them.  then read his novels like “american gods” and “neverwhere”.  then read his children’s stories like “the ocean at the end of the lane” and “the graveyard book”.  then rest, you’ll need it.

adrian belew

my favorite guitarist is adrian belew (whose style of not using capitals i am choosing as an homage).  adrian started by being discovered by frank zappa. he very quickly got stolen by david bowie for a world tour.  then he played on everyones albums from paul simon, laurie anderson, talking heads, and tom tom club.  his guitar makes animal noises sometimes but don’t be afraid.  adrian is on the cutting edge of music, and is currently working on a project called “flux”, music that is never the same twice.  stay tuned.


thanks for reading my post.



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