secret someone’s shouldn’t be a secret

one of my great loves is music.  I love listening to music, talking about music, reading about music. but music is so very specific to the listener.  one person will be over the top about a band (like my niece sarah and the band one direction) and another will simply not care about a band (me and the band one direction). but when we like something it is important that we share the information- help others like ourselves know about something new and cool.

when we connect to music it can be the most deeply personal thing.  I have been to concerts like seeing the who live in 1982 and thinking that it was the most religious experiences of my life. other times I remember the power of music like seeing u2 a few years ago and seeing how a leader like bono could hold the audience In his hand and command them to do his bidding, oh so willingly.

tonight I saw the secret someones.  they are my new favorite band. three ladies and one gentleman from new York that have captivated me and in my mind should be on every popular radio station.  part of the problem is that radio does not have  popularity that it once used to have.  record companies don’t have the power (or numbers) to generate a groundswell of support behind a group like they once used to.  I know, many times money passed hands so that a certain record  (or every record) would get played, but it got played, and we loved it.

today groups like the secret someones have to rely upon social media mailing lists and their facebook pages.   no one is playing their music publicly and that is a damn shame.  they rock. they are harmonizing like no one else and they have a professionalism about their craft which is beyond refreshing.

we can no longer rely upon big corporations to help us find music. we have to find it ourselves- or help each other find it.  I hope you will give them a chance.  for one thing they are mostly girls.  there are so very few girl groups that have made it and they deserve a chance.  secondly, they are all singer/songwriters on their own, but together they create a new sound that will make you smile. thirdly, they are all so perfectly nice.

support original music and it will support you. for more info


IMG_1718 IMG_1725 IMG_1728


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